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3d Printed Molecular Models


Although 3d printing has become increasingly common, and small home units are relatively cheap, the outputs from them are often disappointing - models can be fragile, poorly coloured and with a poor surface finish.


Printing is easy - the skill comes in the preparation of the files, in processing the structure so it is strong enough to support itself, and that, where necessary, it is strengthened by realistic bonds. Post-processing the physical model to create smooth surfaces and hand-painting the result to give vibrant colours results in 3d printed models that you will be proud to display in your laboratory, office or museum.


3d printed model of birch pollen antigen  3d printed protein  


3d printed pepsin  3d printed hepcidin protein


...and that is just the start. Using our expertise, you can develop anything you want - below is just one example: a collection of liquid crystal molecules that incorporate magnets to bond them together in a variety of realistic ways - because the north and south poles of the magnets mimic the positive and negative regions of the molecules, the molecules can only be joined together in physically realistic orientations.


Fullerene models


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