Miramodus Molecular Models


Large and Giant Molecular Models

Large molecular model of a drug made with 40mm phenolic balls and aluminium rods on an acrylic base  
Large molecular models   Giant molecular models

Our small Beevers molecular models and crystal structure models are ideal in some circumstances, but not all. When you have a large space to fill, or you need people to see your molecule from a distance, you probably need either a large or a giant molecular model. One incidental advantage of these models over the Beevers models is that double and triple bonds can be explicitly shown in the model.


Our large molecular and crystal structure models start with balls of around 18mm through to 60mm diameter ( 2.5 - 9cm / Å), with options for acrylic, phenolic or wooden balls, depending on the finish and weight of model you need, and your budget.


Our giant molecular models range from 60mm diameter through to around 150mm diameter ( 9 - 22 cm / Å) and are distinguished from the large models in the way that the bonds are attached. The balls are lightweight hollow polypropylene and can be suspended from a ceiling, for example, with no difficulty

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