Miramodus Molecular Models


Giant Molecular Models for Static Displays


The majority of our giant molecular models are intended for use as static displays. The scales available are up to approximately 1Å=22cm, meaning that a simple benzene ring may be over a metre across. At that scale, these models are really useful for filling large spaces with something that is chemically or commercially interesting. If you need to detach all of part of the model for storage, demonstration or teaching, there is also the option of our detachable giant molecular models.


A girl sitting behind a giant molecular model of caprolactam
A giant molecular model of benzene with pi orbitals hanging from a ceiling
A giant molecular model of a new drug suspended from the ceiling in a large room

We can incorporate anchor points (including wire assemblies) into the models to allow you to hang them from a ceiling, and almost any additional feature that you could want can be included. Double, triple and quadruple bonds are all possible, as are attachments to show lone pairs or the delocalised pi-bonds in aromatic systems. Our giant molecular models even made it onto the Christmas list of one of the Guardian newspaper's science writers.


A giant molecular model of ethanol



Prices for the largest of our giant molecular models




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