Miramodus Molecular Models

Molecular Models of Proteins


Proteins represent some of the most complex individual structures in any of the sciences, and there are a wide variety of ways to represent them. At Miramodus, we can help you to select and create the most appropriate style of model for your needs.


Molecular models of small proteins

For small proteins, that may involve a 'whole atom' model - using a conventional molecular model building approach to represent every atom in the structure. Realistically - at least on cost grounds - proteins the size of an insulin trimer become the upper limit for this style of model for most customers.

A model of insulin showing all the atoms, made with acrylic balls and steel rods


Molecular models of intermediate-sized proteins

For intermediate sizes of proteins, the whole-atom models may be reduced to a similar style of ball-and spoke model, but only including the positions of the α-carbon atoms. "Direct" connections between α - carbons are emphasised by the use of coloured plastic sheating around the bonds, all other connections (such as H-bonds between residues) are indicated by polished steel wire connections.


A model of haemogobin made with acrylic balls and steel rods, showing the alpha carbons in the backbone and the haem (heme) groups



Molecular models of large proteins

All types of proteins may be represented by ribbon structures, but for large protein structures they are now essentially the only option. Advances in 3d printing make these models possible for just about anyone to make. There are even some companies that provide 3d printing of molecular models, , but they still require expertise in design and implementation to obtain the high standard of models that you see here.


a 3d printed protein structure painted with graduated rainbow colours


3d printed model thermolysin protein painted with yellow beta sheets and red alpha helices


A beautiful 3d printed model of a protein with a graduated shading painted along the alpha helix


a collection of 3d printed hepcidin protein molecules painted and mounted on acrylic bases


a very large 3d-print of myosin protein, measuring 60cm long


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