Miramodus Molecular Models

Brass molecular models and other metals


A molecular model of testosterone made in brass on a slate stone base


Brass molecular models

Sometimes, you want something special, or you may simply need your molecular models to be made out of materials that will stand the test of time. If you need your molecular models made from something that is going to last for a couple of hundred years, if not longer, then we can help you. Our smaller brass models are made in a similar manner to our Beevers models, with the rods held in place by a friction fit that requires serious force to overcome. Larger models comprise balls that are drilled and fitted with bonds, and the bonds are then soldered into place. There is effectively no size limit on these models.

Detailed close up view of a brass molecular model of testosterone


Molecular models made in other metals

Brass is one of the easier metals for us to work with, but we have also made models in aluminium, anodised titanium, silver, and other metals, but we are not restricted to these materials. The only issue tends to be the availability of balls in those metals. As with anything in life, though, almost anything can be purchased if you have the funds, and some ball manufacturers are prepared to make balls from almost any material at a price - so don't hesitate to contact us about that model of rhodocene model, made with rhodium balls, that you always wanted. Contact us for more details and to discuss your requirements.


A brass molecular model of estradiol


A brass model of estradiol on a polished slate base


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