Miramodus Molecular Models

Brass molecular model


Bases for our molecular models


We supply our molecular models are stand-alone scientific aids, but they are also works of art that warrant an attractive display stand. In fact, the display stands can completely change the character of a model. For presentations, awards or desk displays in particular, we strongly recommend you consider a base for your model.

Molecular models are normally fixed to the base, and you have a wide selection to choose from. Our commonest options include, but are not limited to:


Transparent    Black   Coloured

Stearite on clear perspex base

Molecular model on a clear acrylic base



Oak   Cherry   Yew   Beech   Walnut

Crystal structure model on a cherrywood base

Crystal structure model on a cherrywood base



Slate   Marble   Granite

Molecular model on granite base
Molecular model on a granite base


By incorporating magnets into the supports in the base, along with corresponding magnets in the atoms in the model, crystal structure model is held very firmly in place - the model can be held upside down without any danger - but can be readily removed when you want to remove it from its display to show to visitors or students.



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