Miramodus Molecular Models

Metallised molecular models


Sometimes you want a metal molecular model, but you don't want either the cost or the weight of metal. And, although we could do it, realistically there are very few people who would ever want to go to the expense of paying for models constructed for, for example, gold balls and rods. At the same time, some people need models that look like they are made from gold.


Metallised molecular model

Metallised small organic molecular model


That's where metallisation comes in. We make up a conventional model of any kind that you want and have it vacuum coated. Although metallisation is possible using almost any metal, normally, it is done with aluminium. The aluminised model is then coated with a lacquer that is tinted to give the colour of your chosen metal - gold, silver, aluminium, chrome, iron, steel, nickel, pewter, lead, or coloured metallic finishes - anything is possible.


Metallised model in a display for L'Oreall

One of our metallised models used in a display by L'Oreal


What results is a molecular model that looks like it has been made from silver, gold or any other metal. Until you pick up the model and feel that the weight doesn't match that of metal, you really can't tell the difference.




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