Miramodus Molecular Models


Pictures of our molecular models and crystals structure models


Unfortunately, 2d images don't do any kind of justice to our molecular models - you really have to hold one in your hand to feel the quality and see the huge advantage that they have over the use of computer images of molecules and crystal structures. Nonetheless, below is a random selection of molecular models, crystal structure models, giant molecular models and other scientific models that we have made over the years for your enjoyment.

All images on these web pages are © Miramodus Ltd. However, you are very welcome to use the images for non-profit or educational purposes in accordance with our image use terms.


Lithium iron phosphate


Inorganic crystal structures

Molecule with granite base


Inorganic molecular models




Space group Ia-3d

Crystallography models


Organic molecular models


Detail of a 3d-printed protein

3d-printed models





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